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Ever Wonder Why?


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Everyone has questioned God at one time or another.

Many of my family did when my sister-in-law passed away three years ago from cancer. They believed Dee Dee would get up from her hospital bed and go home. That never happened. Why?

I questioned the Lord myself a few months later when my wife, Angie, came down with a bizarre health issue that lasted for several months. Why?

A person can become obsessed with assessments like these: Why do innocent children suffer? Why is there war? Why God?

The questions can take over a person’s thoughts and cause doubt and confusion. And when these two qualities abound, a person might ponder the existence of the Lord.

Bullseye – that is what the devil wants you to entertain in your deepest thoughts.

An unplanned tragedy can turn a regular person’s life upside down.

My friend, Dr. Robert Newman, had those notions trample through his mind a few years ago.

He is a successful and well-liked family physician in Southern Ohio. He is also the worship leader at the Sciotoville Church of the Nazarene and a Gideon.

But in 2011, his wife Pam passed away unexpectedly. She had some health issues, but her death still caught everyone off guard.

All of a sudden, he became a single-parent of two teenage daughters. and he helped to raise a nephew. On top of all this, he still had a job that involved hundreds of people depending on him.

Why would God allow this?

I don’t have the answer, but I can only share my theory.

Up to the time Pam died, Robert was not an absent parent, but he worked many hours and missed most of his girls’ school events. He described himself as “peripheral.”

When his wife became sick, he scaled back on his hospital visits. One benefit he saw immediately was a closer relationship with his girls.

“I felt like I met my kids for the first time when I started to stay home more,” he said. “I actually started to spend time with them and discovered who they were.”

When Pam passed, his daughters were 11 and 14.

Two teenage girls are difficult enough to raise in a two-parent home. But Robert was thrust into unchartered waters, alone. Why God?

But the Lord sent reinforcements in the way of his church and friends. Robert not only found his daughters in this process, but he realized how the Lord can comfort you through a small community.

“Had it not been for all of them and their help, it would have been a mess,” he said. “Worse than it already was.”

“If we don’t pay attention to our children, someone else will, and that could be dangerous.”

Dr. Robert Newman

Robert went to school functions and activities and enjoyed his daughters as they all become closer to each other.

Today, Abigail is a senior pre-med major at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, and Hannah is a senior at Wheelersburg High School.

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“I have a good relationship with my girls, and I love them,” added. “I prioritized them which is essential. If we don’t pay attention to our children, someone else will, and that could be dangerous.”

Seven years ago, Robert’s world was turned upside down. Why?

Dr. Robert Newman with Author Del Duduit

Today, his daughters are ready to face the world, and he was just engaged to be married.

The Master wanted Robert to come full circle. He journeyed through doubt and discouragement and is once again happy. God prepared him for this moment.

That’s why.

The Lord knows what he is doing. To ask God why is normal – but in the end, it’s a waste of time and energy. You will eventually find out the answer to your unnecessary questions in God’s time. If not here on earth, then He will fill you in when you get to Heaven.

The Lord provided comfort and support to Robert and his family during the dark days. He also bridged a gap between his daughters and finally sent someone into his life to love again.

Through everything, Robert never lost sight of God. He has a  song in his heart and sings his praises to the Savior.

If you ponder questions, just wait for Him to reveal the answer. Along the way, He will provide opportunities for you to grow as a person and open your eyes to see a bigger picture.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

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Del Duduit
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Del Duduit is the Editor of Southern Ohio Christian Voice. He is an award-winning writer, freelancer, blogger at www.delduduit.com, speaker, and author of eight books with four more coming in 2021. He lives in Lucasville, Ohio with his wife, Angie, and they attend Rubyville Community Church. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.


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